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OFIL, imprescindible
2006/01/02  |  La nueva EspaƱa, Diana Diaz

" the last concert the Oviedo Filarmonía was conducted by Tobías Gossmann, who conducted the local orchestra already with great success in 2006. This time specially to mention the conductor's excellent interpretative criteria for Haydn and Dvořák... EspaƱa0554.html
A superb concert
2009/08/24  |  B-ritmos - IvĆ”n SĆ”nchez Moreno

"...a superb concert which received in the winds and the rhythmic department - as you can imagine the percussion was central to this Haydn symphony - the most celebrated applauses. The smiles from the members of the orchestra revealed their appreciation and agreement with Tobias Gossmann, a conductor who one would side with the humanists and who is leading Camerata XXI for more than six years. Be it for many more to follow to be able to continue rejoicing exquisite evenings like this..."
Camerata XXI demonstrated its quality
2009/05/29  |  El Punt (Valls) - Anna Estallo

"...Tobias Gossmann is achieving an elegant and brilliant orchestra sound with the discipline of a clear and meaningful gesture which is well connected to his natural musicality..."

"... once again the Symphony Orchestra Camerata XXI demonstrated its quality with the Jupiter Symphony by Mozart. The dialog between the strings and the woodwinds were of great accuracy and musicality. The Andante showed an elegant and expressive sound leading to a Menuetto played with grace and the distinguished protagonism of each melodic voice. The joyous Molto Allegro Finale sounded brilliant and sparkling with great accuracy in figures and articulations. Long and enthusiastic applause of the public rewarded with justice this version offered by the musicians of Camerata XXI led to success by Tobias Gossmann..."
Gossmann conducts CadaquƩs Orchestra
2007/12/17  |  Diari de Girona - M.L.G.

"...the interpretation was at the good level the Cadaqués Orchestra has us accustomed to. In this context to mention the ability of Tobias Gossmann as it comes to the accuracy with which he kept the synchrony ..."
On the podium of Villa HĆ¼gel
2006/01/24  |  Neue Ruhr/Rhein Zeitung

"...Tobias Gossmann for the first time on the podium of Villa Hügel proved to be a very precise conductor full of temperament and exerting the best influence on the orchestra..."

"...P.I. Tchaikovsky's Sextett "Souvenir de Florence", op.70...Tobias Gossmann could draw as much passion as mediterranean athmosphere..."
Strauss Oviedo
2006/01/02  |  La nueva EspaƱa

"...The Campoamor received yesterday at dawn the traditional New Year's Eve concert. The music by Johann Strauss returned to stage in the early hours of the New Year in Oviedo. Just steps away from the bustle of the party in the streets the Campoamor Theater was filled with with melodies played by the musicians of Oviedo City Symphony Orchestra (OSCO), wisely conducted by Tobias Gossmann..."
Orquestra Camerata XXI
21/01/2008  |  El Punt (Valls) - Anna Estallo

"... in the second part the Orchestra Camerata XXI, now under the leadership of principal conductor Tobias Gossmann offered an excellent version of the Symphony No.1 in D major (D.82) by Franz Schubert. Gossmann knew how to combine the german accuracy with vienese sensitivity. The public claimed an encore to the fourth movement..."
Les nuits d'ete
2011/10/22  |  Mundo Classico

... I leave the work of the Conductor Tobias Gossmann to the end. We have followed his career as principal conductor of Camerata XXI and we must acknoledge the high degree of artistic maturity achieved by the maestro from Siegen based in Tarragona. Through education and character he combines the technique and the precision of the genuine German Kapellmeister with a special touch of spontaneity and Mediterranean flexibility. Without loosing myself into too much detail, I will only say that he took on the overture "Plenitut" and conducted it with evident affection; he pampered Marta Mathéu in the chansons and launched himself without a safety net into the symphony, which he conducted  with a safe baton (and by heart) from beginning to end. "